Bloom Where You are Planted - This is the Anthem

Bloom Where You are Planted - Mashup - The Anthem

You remember Good Charlotte. Well they just made an epic comeback on the gym playlist because: 

Do you really want to be like them?
Do you really want to be another trend?
Do you want to be part of that crowd?
Cause I don't ever wanna.
I don't ever want to be you

Me too Joel and Benji Madden. Me too. But The Anthem didn't really land with me in 2002 the same way it does in 2017.

When getFIT615 first opened, Kelly Carter and Lauren Farina, of Shakti Power Yoga (with whom we share a building) got me a card that said, “Bloom where you are planted” and it came with a bundle of flowers. Before that I never knew the power of a quick note and a bouquet of flowers. 

Before I opened up getFIT615, I saw people around me with gyms. I had spent years in them myself. People came to them, they worked out there and then they went home. The only reason I knew for someone to go to personal training was to lose weight and “tone up”. I hadn’t really ever met anyone who enjoyed working out just because movement feels good - I had certainly never enjoyed any movement other than my ballet classes growing up. Working out was always something I forced myself to do in order to lose weight. I saw gyms using getty images of people with six packs and quotes next to them saying, “6 months from now you’ll wish you had started today.” I saw “before” pictures followed by smiling “after” pictures that said something about joining some kind of 30 day program that promised “results.” But I had done all of those things in the past. I had done the 30 day shape up, I had experienced the shame of not starting 6 months ago, I never had any “after” photos that I was proud of - and at that point, no matter what I looked like I wouldn’t have been proud of my body.

In my head, results generally only spoke to the way that I looked - that I’d see physical results showing off my lack of body fat and my fitness level… (assuming being fit meant that I looked a certain way). I assumed that would tell people something about me - that I was bangable, that I ran all the time, that I drank a pretty good amount of beer on the lake in a bikini and was super cool and laid back, that I had a lot of discipline and that I didn’t even like food very much, and that I didn’t take up very much space.

One time, before Murn was the Manager at Shakti (what a lifetime ago!) and all we ever seemed to do was go to Porter Road Butcher and make dancing videos, I was telling her that I felt like no one would ever come to the gym if I wasn’t an example of what their body would look like once they did start coming. I had recently seen a personal trainer in town post something along the lines of, “I’m living proof that it works” and he showed off his abs and that immediately spun me into a “I’m a fraud” spiral. And Murn just said, “I think the best thing to do is just do you.” It was like HOLYSHITOMGBUTCANIDOTHAT and HOLYSHITOMGISTHATEVENENOUGH?!?! 

But then I kind of just started to roll with that because I had recently learned what the word "authentic" meant. Cue: I don't ever wanna be just like you. This was me throwing my hands up.

My goal was to create a place that I wanted to go to as a student. I want to go to a place where everybody knows my name, where sometimes afterwards we go to happy hour, where I knew I could come and not feel defeated, where people would laugh and say hi to me and where the goal wasn’t to lose weight and talk about calories and get “toned.” I just wanted to feel good and let other people feel good. So I fucking rolled with it. 

In an industry full of “get lean quick” and “lose weight fast” and “burn more calories” getFIT615 is different. We’re in the fitness world… but we do things differently. We sweat here and we get stronger here and we try new things here just like most places, but no matter what you can or can't do, with us you’re always enough. And if I had never started to believe that I was enough, I surely wouldn’t be able to co-create a space where other people believe they’re enough. Because if I don’t believe that I’m enough, I can’t possibly believe that someone else is enough. And if I can’t believe that enough is, in fact, enough then, well… we’re fucked. 


Bloom where you are planted means knowing that you are enough to grow in the present moment. And being present to today doesn’t mean that you’re not moving forward. I am all for goal setting, in fact, how are we to work towards something if we don’t have a goal in mind. That being said, goals must be flexible. I always wanted to work in the music business and if I hadn’t let that goal be flexible then I’d STILL be working in it (and I’m rreeaaaaaallllll glad I’m not). 

Bloom where you are planted means bloom as a daisy in a field of poppies. They both need full sun right? Bloom where you are planted is knowing that just because you’re a poppy in a field of other poppies, it’s still important for you to bloom! Because you’re the only damn poppy who is you! Are you following me here?! 

I think something important to note here though is that blooming where you are planted and being authentic can feel challenging. Sometimes it feels like life is against you. Authenticity can make people uncomfortable, and that's ok. It's ok for other people to feel uncomfortable. It's ok for you to feel uncomfortable. What's important is when you go to bed at night, do you feel good about who you are in this world? Do you feel good about the way you treat people? Do you feel good about the boundaries you set with people? Do you feel good about your way of being?

In the long run and with practice, authenticity and trust feels good, and right, and easy.

More ease. And ease often comes after a lot of challenging work. 


If I try to be like you, who will be like me?

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