Why We Don't Allow "I Hate Burpees"

I remember when I was a little kid and my dad would turn on the video camera and I would cheese the shit out of it. My dad has the most epic video of me wailing on my air guitar while the rest of the family calmly watches Austin City Limits on PBS. By the time I was 10, I wouldn’t have been caught dead throwing my head back in total ecstasy listening to my own air guitar solo… especially not on camera. We used to holler to our moms at the beach going, “watch me watch me!” Remember Stuart from MadTV? “Look what I can do.” And then he does something super weird… that was all of us as kids. And our parents were like, “yeah kid, you’re doing great.” I used to love to record myself on my tape player singing god knows what but eventually I learned to hate the sound of my voice when it was played back to me. 

I learned to hate looking at myself on video. I learned to stop asking people to praise me for stuff I’m proud of. And I learned to hate listening to the sound of my own voice.


We’re taught how to judge.

Judgment breeds hate.

And right now, hate feels like a widespread epidemic. 


We joke about taking 1000 photos and flipping through them to find the best ones and then we delete the rest, and then we delete those photos from our recently deleted album jic. But if you think about it, that’s not funny - it’s not something to joke about. It’s not just a problem for millennials. It’s a human problem - we’re conditioned to judge ourselves this way, we’re conditioned to judge each other this way. What do you think would happen if the world saw one of your “ugliest” photos - why would you care?

We’re embarrassed by people who throw their heads back during their air guitar solos because what on earth will people think of me if I’m seen with them? The truth here is who gives a damn what they think. Who even is “they” and why on earth should I care what they think? If “they” is the other people at the party not having as much fun as the girl with the air guitar… then yeah, I don’t care what you think. Because, dear “they,” the girl with the air guitar is having so much fun being weird that she doesn’t even know that you’re judging her for being weird. 

But you guys, really bad things start happening when people start sharing their negative judgment. I remember seeing women in my life say, “let me take the photo so I don’t have to be in it.” So then I didn’t want to be in photos anymore either. I had a friend tell me that it was embarrassing that I wanted to play soccer with the boys instead of paint my nails with the cool girls and that she didn’t want to hang out with me. So I stopped playing with the boys. And I still don't do my own nails. I learned what it sounded like to be out of tune when I was singing, so I didn’t ever want to hear myself mess up. I knew what other people who also know what it’s like to be out of tune say about people who are out of tune and I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to say that about me. 


You know when you’re at the gym and one of the getFIT615 teachers says, “guys, how are we feeling?!” and someone goes, “I’m DYING!” And the teacher makes them say, “I’m actually feeling so alive!” It’s because “I’m dying” is a lie. It’s spreading the negative - it’s learned vocabulary that is widely used in the fitness world. What if we just relearned to say how we actually feel: “I feel great!” “I’m actually having a hard time getting my breath today.” “I’m going to slow down a little bit.” “I’m crushing it!” 

The reason we won’t allow “I hate burpees” is because it’s spreading hate too. It’s something that the general population has allowed over the years to become a “fact.” But it’s not a fact. It’s just a story that we’ve created that we hold on to for dear life because what would happen if we ran across someone who actually thinks that burpees are fun. That would blow our minds. 

Welcome to getFIT615 where we like burpees. And when we do team workouts, we like our burpees 10 different ways. We want to teach you how to love burpees, and part of that process is not allowing you to say that you hate them in our presence. 


**And to be clear, we are not here to judge you when you do say that you hate them! We’re just here to give you the opportunity to turn that around. We’re not all perfectly above the line all the time. In fact, that’s why we need each other - we need people to help us come back to the positive when we go negative. And with that being said, consistency is key when it comes to creating new habits and new pathways.**


We won’t let you talk shit about yourself just like we won’t let you talk shit about someone else. And that, my friends, is not weakness. Kindness is not weakness. Love is not weakness. Community is not weakness. Love and openness require a shit ton of strength. It takes stepping outside of what you know and what makes you comfortable. That takes courage. And courage can move mountains. 


Be courageous and only take 1 photo. Additional challenge: Post it without saying anything about it being the only one.

Be courageous and pull your air guitar out of her case. 

Be courageous and fucking sing.

Be courageous and learn to love a burpee, because if we can learn to hate, we can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

Be courageous and be honest about something being challenging and uncomfortable but also being alive and ok.

Be courageous and open up your heart to someone who doesn’t look like you and tell them that they’re welcome where you are.

Be courageous and listen.

Originally posted on getFIT615.com on August 14, 2017

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