thanks for the free snacks, sir.

Sometimes on my business’s instagram I like to do this thing called #storytimewithkate. The main reason I like it is because I like to tell stories. Also, I think we forget (and I think that businesses forget) that businesses are run by people. Like, real people who have thoughts, ideas, data points, plans, and hearts. Some people actually love spreadsheets, some people tell stories, some people create sounds or visuals or movement. We’re a world full of people fucking up like people do. Granted, a lot of our fuck ups cause MAJOR HARM and that is something that I’m not for - but when it comes to cancel culture, remembering that it’s somebody who can know better instead of a machine that is intentionally trying to cause harm, it helps me keep my head on straight - and make choices from there. We can’t all know everything and all the ways in which we hurt people every day, but we can certainly all do better and that’s for sure something I’m up to.

I’m also not a content creator. I’m a business owner and a fitness professional. These days, that means that you’ve got to have a presence on social media. And I get to enjoy that presence by telling stories - not by relentlessly having photoshoots and making memes and gifs and quotable moments - that just wouldn’t be a life I would enjoy.

I posted this story October 22, 2019:

well well well… if it’s not story time with kate again:

This weekend in 100% Kate style, I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me at a bar. He was telling me that his daughter played college volleyball. He said, “the coaches didn’t know what they were doing. They had her doing clean and jerks and girls don’t need to be doing that. It makes them too thick.” :) I took a deep breath.

FIRST of all, girls can do anything, like lifting weights, going to space, yelling at you, or dating girls if that’s what they want to do. AND boys can do anything they want to do like, talking about their feelings, doing ballet, being a nurse, or crying with their friends. And ALSO, fuck the gender binary. Be who you are - I’m becoming more and more convinced that the most important thing we can do is be who we are and stand in our own power (hello easier said than done). It gives other people permission to do the same. And it’s brave as fuck. How can I support you here?

THAT BEING SAID: Second of all, there aint a damn thing wrong with being “thick." I used to think I “was fat” and I did everything I could to change that. BUT that’s because I had been socially conditioned by diet-culture, fatphobia, and the patriarchy. It’s everywhere. AND it’s detrimental to society and really hurts the people I love. I work every day to unlearn that damaging garbage. Every BODY, AS THEY ARE, is worthy of being loved and wanted and cared for.

THIRD, a clean and jerk is a power movement that, as a fitness professional but not a volleyball coach, I imagine is an INCREDIBLE tool for volleyball players so they can jump real high and do sports! ASSUMPTION ALERT: I imagine the coaches of this women’s volleyball team were women, and here I was, sitting next to a dad of one of the players who didn’t believe the these women knew how to do their jobs. This is a classic example of a man not believing a woman.

He and I had a lovely conversation. We hugged at the end. He said thank you. I said you’re welcome. I also chuckled inside because… of course he sat down next to me of all people and made that stupid ass comment :) thanks for the free snacks sir.

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