Freedom: getFIT615's theme for July

I'm the one who sends out all of the emails for getFIT615. I write all of our social media copy unless otherwise noted. Lord knows I get shit wrong all the time, so I’m a big fan of feedback - when it is kind, constructive, and actually helpful. And sometimes, it’s not all that kind, constructive, and actually helpful and that feedback is important for me to hear too - obviously I’m less of a fan of it in those moments AND I can’t control the way in which someone gives me feedback and it’s my responsibility to hear it no matter how it is presented.

Here’s something I’ve learned about feedback over the years:

it’s my job to hear it, consider it, and then make a choice moving forward: do I choose to adapt this feedback into my life, or do I choose not to. Sometimes I choose to take it, sometimes I choose not to. This makes folks mad sometimes… and I can’t really help that and I’m not sorry. Hence this very first paragraph of July’s email.

It went like this:

Hi. Before I dive into the theme of the month, I've been asked in the past if I could just talk less about politics or "the work" and post more workout videos and recipes and my answer is simple: no.

For me, workout videos and recipes would be energetically draining and mostly meaningless. There are other folks out there posting great workout videos and please feel free to share some cookbooks you love. I'm not your girl for those things. Also, I can't not talk about politics or "the work" because the work is what I believe in the most, and it just so happens that I don't really believe you can do the work without realizing how politically involved it is. It's not always fun, it doesn't always feel "good" but it is immensely necessary, and we are capable.

As a small business owner, I can't say this has been the most profitable way to do things, but I can say that it's important, necessary, and if I'm able to be a better person than I used to be, make a little bit of an impact, and enough money to pay for what we need around here, I'm good with that.
So when I say thank you for being here - I frfr mean that shit.
xo, k

This is a quote that I live by:
Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care. - Cleo Wade

July’s Theme: Freedom

It seems like an obvious choice for July doesn’t it? America celebrates independence day on July 4… freedom from the British monarchy… but, being that we’re in the work of self-awareness, connection, and growth, I’d like to challenge with this question:

“Freedom for who?”

Here at getFIT615 we work with folx and their bodies… kind of. But folx’s bodies, are politicized… they always have been. In working with human beings and their bodies, we also know that we’re working with their minds, experiences, traumas, understandings, beliefs, and policies. That being said, we support the liberation and the equity of human beings and their bodies. 

It’s pretty clear that there are people here in America who are not free to move in the world in ways that feel… well, free. To be a Black person in America means not having the same access and opportunities as white Americans. It means police brutality, the preschool to prison pipeline, discrimination, racism, hate crimes… it means working against systems every single day that were not only not build for you, but built on the backs of your ancestors. And you can’t avoid any of it because it’s the color of your skin. It can’t be hidden, it can’t be missed. We do see color. Being a member of the LGBTQ community means not having the same freedom to love who you love the way hetero folks do. Being a trans person means that folks question how you identify as a human being on a daily basis in a way that cisfolks won’t ever understand. Indigenous folks in America were ripped from their homeland and moved to reservations which are owned and operated by the Federal Government and are among the poorest communities in America. Being disabled or fat is often living in a world that isn’t built for you. Literally, you don’t fit in. There are folks along our border who, in seeking freedom, are literally being detained in concentration camps - separated from their parents and children, and have no idea when they’ll see each other again or be released. They’re dying there.

These individuals and communities are told to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and are asked to try harder to conform to the American Dream. But conforming isn’t freedom. The American Dream, as we are dreaming now, is not freedom for all - it’s freedom for some at the expense of others.

Belonging is freedom. Connection is freedom. Authentic movement is freedom. Autonomy is freedom. Safety is freedom.


Some journal prompts for this month:
In what ways do you recognize freedom?
How are you free?
How can you share your freedom to help someone else become free?

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