Kate Moore


Kate is the owner of getFIT615, a group fitness and personal training studio in the heart of Nashville, TN. She also is a co-facilitator of the Duality Project which includes retreats for women as well as leadership retreats and social justice workshops and lectures.

Kate believes in the power of movement - any kind of movement. Kate rejects diets and diet culture. Kate rejects the idea of exercising to burn calories. Kate rejects the idea of hating your body because of how it looks or for what it can or can’t do. Kate believes in being kind to your body and that we are not our bodies (she believes the same things about our fears, our heartaches, our anger, and our shame). She believes that our bodies are a magnificent vessel for who we actually are which is why Kate also believes in the practice of self-work and continuing growth so that we are able to show up with more and more presence in this world.

Her love language is quality time and her core value is authentic connection. Her top 5 themes, according to StrengthsFinder are Activator, Connectedness, Harmony, Command, and Responsibility.

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My personal goal for all gatherings, lectures, workshops, and events is to create an open environment for team building and connection, and to share applicable tools and ideas that inspire conversation and growth long after the event is over.

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